When the trade fair lights go out

After Lounge

Hip beats, casual networking and relaxed enjoyment await you in our after-lounge – the perfect end to your day at the CANNAFRIENDS trade fair.

September 20 – 22, 2024 in Ilsede, Germany


The largest cannabis trade fair in northern Germany will return in 2024.
Ready for a hemp experience?
It’s all about experience, enjoyment and community.



Immerse yourself in the diversity of CANNAFRIENDS and discover not only products, but also a fascinating journey through various themed worlds. From cultivation to CBD and health to cannabis as medicine, we offer you a comprehensive insight into the possibilities of hemp. Learn more about education and prevention, discover the positive effects of hemp for animals and be sure to visit our manufactory area with handmade and sustainable products.

This is not just about enjoyment, but also about the transformative power of hemp in various areas of life.
Welcome to the future of hemp culture!

Network & chillout area

Our exclusive chill-out area is the hotspot for meeting like-minded people. Networking here feels more relaxed than ever before!

Food corner

The food corner offers you explosions of flavor and refreshing drinks to match the relaxed cannabis atmosphere! A culinary HIGH-light!


Our themed areas

CBD for cosmetics and health

The focus on health is back in the spotlight and is a top priority for us: CBD retailers present their products and give you the opportunity to enrich your wellness routine, which can have a positive impact on your quality of life. Get advice from experts and discover the variety of CBD applications for medicine, cosmetics, creams, nutrition and lifestyle. At CANNAFRIENDS you can not only deepen your interest in cannabis, but also have the unique opportunity to test CBD flowers and products on site and purchase them directly.


Handmade manufacturers proudly present their products for individual HIGH-needs and are on hand to advise you. Find out how you can personalize your enjoyment. It’s all about experience, enjoyment and community. Direct contact with the producers makes it possible to understand the story behind the products and experience real added value.

Cannabis as medicine

Ready for the medical marijuana mindblow? Sharpen your senses for the revolutionary side of hemp! Our trade fair delves deeper into cannabis as medicine. Experience exciting insights, innovative applications and be inspired by experts. A must-visit for anyone interested in the future of medical cannabis use – be ready for a dose of new knowledge!

Cultivation and growing

Everything here revolves around the art of hemp cultivation. Discover new cultivation methods and products such as fertilizers, plant lamps and grow cabinets and much more. Exchange ideas with like-minded people and – best of all – buy directly on site to start your own hemp journey! Become part of the green revolution and take your cultivation to the next level. Your green thumb will thank you!


Ready for a new chapter in caring for your furry friends? Discover how CBD (cannabidiol) can also work wonders for our animal companions. From reducing stress to promoting wellbeing – get inspired and learn how CBD can positively impact your pets’ lives. Your four-legged friends will love it!

Education and prevention

Especially in times of emerging legalization, it is particularly important for us to offer even a sceptical society an opportunity for education, handling, use, benefits and the many possible applications of this remarkable medicinal plant. The role of parents, schools and authorities in future education and prevention work will be analyzed. We stand for responsible and moderate use of CBD and THC products.


The venue is the historic blower hall in Ilsede
Ilseder Hütte 14, 31241 Ilsede, Germay

Barrier-free access

Parking: 450 free parking spaces directly in front of the entrance

Are you traveling without a car?
Directions by train from Peine railroad station: every 10 minutes with the bus line 517, 530, 531 to ZOB Ilsede (approx. 15 minutes)

Walking time from ZOB Ilsede to the Blower hall: only 2 minutes

(Admission from 18 years)

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Further trade fair highlights

After Lounge

After a day full of cannabis innovations, we will open our CANNAFRIENDS After-Lounge on Friday and Saturday evening – the perfect place to end the evening after the cannabis trade fair in style, with relaxed conversations, good music and enjoyable moments. Admission is free with the day ticket.

Network & chill-out area

The perfect atmosphere for relaxing, connecting and networking awaits you in our exclusive chill-out area at the CANNAFRIENDS trade fair.

Leave the stress outside and immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere full of good vibes, comfortable furniture, cool people, new perspectives and inspiring conversations with like-minded people. Take the opportunity to be enchanted by the unique world of cannabis as part of the CANNAFRIENDS community.

Food corner

Enjoy a culinary journey that will enchant your senses. From delicious snacks to refreshing drinks, we offer a variety in a relaxed atmosphere.

Experience how enjoyment and cannabis are celebrated here.

Attention spoilers! We offer your good taste Dutch delicacies, vegan food, cannabis beer, food with CBD flowers and more.