An experience for true cannabis enthusiasts,
who are looking for something special.

Where attention to detail and a passion for handmade products meet

Welcome to our world of hemp manufacturing

This year, CANNAFRIENDS will once again be presenting a special trade fair area featuring exclusively handmade and sustainable products. Direct contact with the producers enables you to get to know the people and stories behind the products and experience real added value. Be part of this unique experience and experience the world of handmade hemp products up close!

It’s all about experience, enjoyment and community – a new trade fair experience.

Exclusive & handmade:
Discover unique masterpieces

Creative highlights from sustainable production

Make valuable contacts and present your creations

In September 2023, we opened the doors to the first cannabis trade fair in Lower Saxony. The focus here was not only on hemp, but above all on cannabis-loving people. We focused on humanity and created an atmosphere in which exhibitors could not only show their products, but also explain them. For many of these artists and creatives, it was the first time they had been able to present their ingenious works to such a curious audience in such an epic setting. It wasn’t just a showcase, but a real demonstration and rocking out.

Do you have a handmade business and want to be part of it? Let’s connect!
As a handmade company, we offer you flexible exhibition stand sizes at absolute start-up conditions. And hey, we also have communit stands. Are you in?

Handmade wood things

At JoinTable from Hamburg, attention to detail meets a passion for handmade products. Accessories such as rolling trays, bongs, grinders, pipes, filters or pape that stand out from the crowd in terms of quality, design and, of course, functionality.

Stylish. Robust. Sustainable.

RetroSteam from Berlin lovingly produces wooden pipes by hand. The special feature: The wood pores of the steams are not sealed with unnatural varnishes. This allows the pipes to breathe and acclimatize by themselves after use and they literally vaporize over time.

Handcrafted blunts

Many different handmade blunts that are only available from Winnie Blunts. These have a corncob filter that makes smoking incredibly pleasant. The blunts are handmade in India and Myanmar, making each individual product unique.

Manufacture exhibitor last year