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As the organizers of a unique cannabis trade fair, we have already reached many people in the past year with inspiring presentations and stimulated discussion about the many aspects of this remarkable medicinal plant.

At a time when the legalization of cannabis is increasingly coming into focus, it is particularly important to us to involve the sceptical community and provide comprehensive information. We firmly believe that knowledge is the key to responsible cannabis use.

We stand for transparency, education and networking
The CANNAFRIENDS hemp trade fair and manufactory not only deals with the medical applications of CBD and THC, but also analyzes the role of parents, schools and authorities in future educational and prevention work. We create a space in which open discussions can be held in order to jointly promote responsible use of cannabis products.

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If you would like to be part of this movement and contribute to using the potential of the cannabis plant responsibly, we look forward to your participation as a speaker!

Together, we are shaping a future that focuses on the diverse applications of this fascinating plant. Join in and be part of the CANNAFRIENDS community! Once again this year, we are looking forward to inspiring speakers who will use their expertise and experience to shed light on the various facets of the handling, use and benefits of cannabis.

Our speakers 2023

These were our speakers at the Cannabis Fair 2023. The new program will be published soon. Stay tuned!

Strong children, prevention and personality trainer

Nicole Techler

As a strong child, prevention and personality trainer, but also as a psychological counselor, Nicole works daily with children, young people, families and companies to promote child and youth protection and the future of our society. Their aim is to help as many young people as possible to become strong, courageous, self-confident and independent, so that they can grow up to be such adults in the future! It is also committed to ensuring that the forthcoming decriminalization and legal regulation establishes new and honest cannabis-related education and addiction prevention work to strengthen young people’s and parents’ own risk awareness. 

Workshop leader and hypnosis coach

Betül Çınar

Betül works as a freelance workshop leader and hypnosis coach with a health-promoting and socio-political focus on mindfulness, education and personal development. She strives to help people develop their potential and discover new opportunities.

She has diverse coaching skills, which she combines with her intercultural and political experience to make new transformative commonalities visible. She has been volunteering in projects, associations and initiatives since 2013. She founded “Hanffreunde Braunschweig” (2018) and “MigrAntifa Braunschweig” (2020) in order to actively act and participate in democracy. Her focus is on inclusive diversity, (post-)colonialism, (anti-)racism, legalization work and changing perspectives. She is convinced that we can promote comprehensive social change by addressing these issues.

Cannabis patient and holistic health coach

Jasmin Göbel

Jasmin has been a cannabis patient since 2017 and has turned her personal experiences with the healing effects of cannabis into a mission. Through her own health transformation, she not only found relief, but also inspiration to help others. As a holistic health coach, she supports prospective patients and people with health problems with her expert knowledge.

Jasmin is passionate about raising awareness of the medical possibilities of cannabis, bridging the gap between patients, healthcare providers and the cannabis industry. Her own story is not only a personal journey to healing, but also an impetus for an inclusive and enlightened view of cannabis as part of medical progress.

Founder and chairman of the Cannabis Social Club Hannover since 2016

Henry Wieker

Henry is the inventor and manufacturer of the HHH700 marijuana flower harvester. Not only since the announcement of Pillar 1 with cannabis cultivation communities has he been working to establish the Cannabis Social Club idea as an inexpensive, safe and self-managed form of supplying people with cannabis. Henry is familiar with CSC models around the world, such as Uruguay, South Africa and Spain, and advocates a moderate and liberal approach to the decriminalization and legalization of the useful and medicinal plant hemp in Germany.

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