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Cannabis Social
Club Area

This is where we bring together CSCs, growers’ associations and new members.

Shaping together a green future

Where dreams of the future become reality!

Welcome to our Cannabis Social Club Area the heart of legalization.

In the CSC area, cannabis enthusiasts, interested parties and members of cannabis social clubs (CSCs) and cultivation associations (CA) meet to explore the new possibilities and opportunities arising from legalization.

Under the new Cannabis Act (CanG ), adults in Germany aged 18 and over have been allowed to obtain cannabis legally since April 1, 2024, but only through licensed cannabis social clubs and cultivation associations. Membership of a CSC or CA is required for this. These clubs operate within the law and provide their members with legal access to cannabis products.

This is where the CSCs and growers’ associations present themselves, where visitors can find the right club for them and find out everything they need to know about membership. There will also be presentations on the establishment of CSCs, opportunities and current legislation.

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Exclusive benefits for CSC exhibitors

Free entry for up to six team members!

As CSCs you have the opportunity to present your clubs here. Let’s come together to shape the future of the cannabis market and open up new avenues for clubs. As a CSC or cultivation association exhibitor, you will receive free admission to CANNAFRIENDS on all three days for your booked stand and can bring up to six CSC members with you free of charge. You can explore the trade fair together with your team, attend exciting presentations and benefit from the numerous offers. Use this unique opportunity to present your CSC, expand your network and gain new members – we look forward to welcoming you at CANNAFRIENDS!


In the CSC Area, we create a unique space where like-minded people can meet, exchange ideas and work together on a flourishing future.

In our area, we offer a platform for networking, information and action. You have the opportunity to find out about our goals, activities and memberships. You will find out how to become a member of a CSC in your region and what steps you need to take to set up a CSC yourself.

Look forward to exciting discussions, inspiring encounters and the chance to be part of a growing movement.

CSC Founding with professionals

Join the movement and become part of a community of inquisitive people and cannabis enthusiasts who want to learn more about starting and running such a club.

Informative presentations and inspiring exchanges to help you understand the basics and get practical tips from experienced club operators.

Whether you’re already thinking about starting a CSC or are just curious, you’ll find all the resources and support you need here. From legal aspects to member acquisition and sustainable cultivation methods – our experts are on hand to provide you with help and advice.

Get started now and take off as a club!
Use your unique opportunity as CSC and AV to present yourselves

CSC-Area at a glance

As an exhibitor in our CSC area, you can expect a variety of benefits that will help you to successfully present and expand your cannabis social club (CSC) or cultivation association (CA).

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