Sundragon – Interview with the German cannabis shaman

Did you know that regular cannabis use requires additional vital nutrients and minerals and that your gut and the endocannabinoid system are closely linked? Another fascinating topic is the relationship between cannabis, yoga and the chakras. Our guest, the respected German cannabis shaman Helmut Christof, known as Sundragon, will guide us through these amazing connections.

In a world dominated by science, holistic approaches are often considered taboo. But this was not always the case. In the course of industrialization, the spiritual aspect was often neglected. The search for spiritual and material balance seems to be lost, and those who want to combine the two often have to fight against the system. But through a long path of realization, it is possible to come back into harmony with the universe. One way to open up to the universe and heal is to nurture the endocannabinoid system, which is the material bridge between our 3D world and the dimensions above. Only a few people in this world have understood how to use cannabis correctly to connect the spiritual and material worlds.

Helmut Christof, also known as Sundragon, is one of these people who have dedicated themselves to spiritual teachings. He has been studying Kabbalistic alchemy, alchemical rituals and other spiritual paths since his youth.

I am delighted to be conducting this interview, which may point the way to healing. Helmut combines science and spirit to pursue a holistic approach that can lead to new dimensions. For him, one thing is certain: “Everything belongs together, and the art of life is finding the balance and being absorbed in it.” I am also delighted that we were able to win Sundragon for our CANNAFRIENDS trade fair. There, he will lead an exclusive half-day workshop that will allow you to experience cannabis in a completely new way – a true highlight and an unforgettable experience. Tickets and further information about the workshop can be found here.

Dear Helmut, before we start, we would be delighted if you could tell us a little about yourself and how your connection to cannabis came about.

I have been working as a shamanic teacher since 1986, am the founder of GAIA shamanism and research the meaning of archaic, consciousness-expanding and healing ceremonies of indigenous traditions. This includes not only the ritual use of magic plants such as ayahuasca, peyote or mushrooms, but also sweat lodge rituals, trance dancing, medicine wheel constellations, drum journeys or the use of the Indian sacred pipe (chanupa). See

After I had completed my training as an ayahuasquero and the associated diet in the jungles of Peru and Ecuador in 2008, the spirit of the plants told me that I should take care of the ritual shamanic use of cannabis, as this is the power and magic plant of our culture.

So I began to specifically develop techniques and ceremonies to unleash the full spiritual and therapeutic potential of cannabis. I was traveling in Afghanistan and India in the 1970s and learned a lot about the yogic use and meaning of ganja (cannabis). Together with Native American knowledge, I created the “Cannabidation Path” combining medicine wheel knowledge, Kundalini techniques, chakra meditations and current research on the endocannabinoid system. The Cannabidation Path contains a set of 4 basic ceremonies that build on each other energetically and serve to release your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual armoring more and more. This will release a great power within you.

Human endocannabinoid system with the chakras

How do the endocannabinoid system and spirituality go together?

The endocannabinoid system is a very complex communication organ with the main task of connecting our inner and outer life systems. It is the bridge between spirit and body within us and also connects our bodies with the body of consciousness on earth. It also acts as an antenna to higher spiritual forces if we align ourselves with them.

Cannabinoids, in conjunction with certain spiritual techniques, can unlock dormant functions in the endocannabinoid system and open the way to ever higher and deeper access to the divine. They give you a spiritual update, so to speak. This is why many yogis consider hemp to be a sacred plant, food for Shiva and Shakti.

The description of the chakras in yoga is nothing other than a very old and well-functioning map of the endocannabinoid system. In combination with mantras and visualizations, they are tools for controlling inner processes. The chakras describe 7 energy centers within us and serve as transformers and bridges between matter and spirit.

Through the techniques in the Cannabidation Path we learn to develop and open these centers. Of course, this requires a certain amount of training, preparation and a suitable lifestyle.

Even though sometimes cannabis users have very powerful spiritual experiences of oneness, these areas close again if they are not nurtured in everyday life. The more you take care of the health of your endocannabinoid system, the more precise, intense and detailed your cannabis experience will be.

How important is nutrition with regard to cannabis therapy?

Current cannabis research usually only talks about the effect of cannabinoids. However, cannabinoids are keys that trigger further processes and require an abundance of additional vital substances and minerals. The best example is magnesium. The cannabinoid provides the impulse for relaxation, for which the muscle needs magnesium, among other things. Unfortunately, there is a serious magnesium deficit in our culture, which also causes physical stress and tension and can have an unfavorable effect on cannabis therapy.

The importance of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA/DHA, from which our body produces 50% of the cannabinoid receptors, is similar. Through our western diet, we consume far too much omega-6 fats (e.g. sunflower oil) and if you consume a lot and often cannabis, your body can no longer keep up with the production of new and complete receptors. Your hemp experience is reduced as a result and only returns after a certain break. I consistently see the conscious and alchemical use of food as a very important component in the use of all mind-expanding substances.

You don’t want to pour cheap oil or low-quality fuel into your high-tech car if you want it to give you top performance. Our brain is a marvel and needs plenty of natural, high-quality food in order to develop fully and work precisely. Our need for vital substances has increased considerably in recent years due to harmful environmental toxins, electrosmog, constant stress and fast food culture. The gut and the endocannabinoid system are also very closely linked. They are among the first organs formed by the fetus and are very important for our physical and mental well-being.

What is the magic potion “Soma” all about?

Soma, the drink of the gods, is a highly intoxicating, psychoactive drink that is the subject of many theories about its original ingredients. I agree with Chris Bennett, who clearly identified cannabis as the main ingredient in his book “Cannabis and the Soma Solution“.

There are places of worship in Central Asia where the priests took a drink made from hemp and ephedra (seaweed) to communicate better with the gods. The recipes for soma or haoma were top secret and varied from temple to temple, but cannabis always played an important role. I have experimented with some Soma formulations and can report very powerful effects similar to LSD.

Like ayahuasca, soma is not a recreational drug, but a powerful entheogen that needs preparation and the appropriate ceremonies to develop its effects optimally.

Can cannabis open the 3rd eye?

It’s not that hard to open your third eye with psychoactive substances, but are you ready to process what you see? Shiva first had to learn to control his mind, symbolized by the tiger skin on which he usually sits and meditates. He had to learn to dance with his demons, which represent his instincts, and was ready to be devoured by the dark side, Kali.

Our western conditioned mindset is usually not at all suited to dealing with these archaic energies. This requires an experienced teacher, because sooner or later you will be massively confronted with your shadow parts if you want to experience yourself in your wholeness. You will learn to meet your ancestors, to reconcile with them and to penetrate ever deeper into the primal purity of masculine and feminine. The more you lose your fear of yourself and come closer to yourself, the wider your spiritual eyes will open. In GAIA shamanism, by the way, we know of 10 eyes that are distributed all over the body and can be opened.

The 3rd eye stands for your forehead (Ajna) chakra. Plant sacraments such as hemp can open all your chakras and release your kundalini power with the right approach. Although this is also possible with psychedelics such as LSD, it is far safer and easier with hemp. Cannabis also shows a much stronger therapeutic effect in combination with spiritual techniques, can build and maintain your health, prolong your life, give you special abilities (siddhis) and connect you with higher knowledge and powers.

And yes, you can also shoot yourself up with cannabis, slip into a stupor, wreck your endocannabinoid system and cloud your mind. It’s always up to you and how you deal with it.

Can you name a simple and effective meditation technique that can be used when you are “high?

I can only teach you techniques that promote a strong high. This starts with nutrition and taking vital substances, continues with expressing a clear intention before using cannabis and learning breathing techniques.

Create a sacred space for yourself, at home or in nature. Say a prayer or affirmation in which you tell the universe or divine existence what is important to you right now. Start to breathe more deeply and consciously before you smoke/vaporize. After about 10 long breaths, inhale your weed/hash and observe your breathing. Breathe calmly and with concentration. Don’t be distracted by feelings or thoughts. Just keep breathing. Observe how your breathing rhythm changes. Sit upright, be relaxed and alert and go on your meditation journey.

There is a detailed description of this in my book “Lehrerpflanze Cannabis“.

Which cannabis strain is particularly recommended for spiritual experiences?

I recommend all sativas, preferably outdoor and organic. They have a stronger effect on the upper chakras, but most people need this. I experience good hashish more physically and more deeply. You’ll have to experiment. In the cannabis power state, this is no longer important, as the body’s own mechanisms come into play. It would certainly be an exciting research project to assign the individual varieties to the chakras and if I ever had the opportunity or the necessary plant material, I would be happy to do it.

Does cannabis heal, or do we heal ourselves through the knowledge we gain from cannabis?

Both play a role. The endocannabinoid system connects your internal systems and promotes internal body communication, balances mind and body and fights inflammation. This requires cannabinoids and vital substances. A relaxed, positive mind and constructive attitude to life also have an effect on your well-being.

One of the models in the Cannabidation Path is the liberation of your 4 selves. These are the physical, the emotional, the mental and the intuitive self. The more these selves become “independent”, the more you become “yourself”, the healthier you become in mind and body.

Illnesses are often caused by certain attitudes when we are “offended” or have experienced severe emotional trauma as children. Since they were created before our language center was formed, it is difficult for us to name them. Spiritual cannabis therapy can intervene here. This means that the therapist must travel with the client, know their endocannabinoid system and communicate energetically with the client’s system.

This is part of the training to become a cannabis shaman!

You accompany the client through a physical and mental process, scan the aura of the other person and help them to balance themselves and find their strength. You also use hemp on yourself to increase your awareness and improve your performance.

What role does cannabis play in today’s European shamanic culture?

Most of today’s shamans work with ayahuasca or mushrooms. I don’t know anyone, apart from a few students of mine, who have decoded the hemp code in such a way that they can work with it authentically. But who knows what’s underground!

What makes you get really “high” with cannabis?

Love, sex, tantra and sport. Here you combine the body’s own messenger substances with pythocannabinoids. I have also developed techniques for athletes and the combination of “workouts” under the influence of cannabis is gigantic. Think of the “Runners High“. But here, too, the set and setting are crucial.

Is it possible to make contact with beings from another dimension through cannabis?

We often communicate with entities from the spiritual world, with and without cannabis. Many people are afraid of ghosts or simply don’t believe in them. In shamanism it is normal to talk to the deceased, to be taught by dream teachers from the astral, to cooperate with nature spirits or to dance with gods and demons. Our modern world view has blocked out these forces, but if you expand your perception, you will discover an incredible number of entities, but not only pleasant ones. We often have to remove astral parasites that have docked onto people. Improper drug use can weaken you and attracts forces that are looking for victims to drain their energy. It is not uncommon for people to end up in psychiatric institutions because our culture rejects these phenomena and cannot deal with them at all.

In addition to your workshop “Cannabis as an Enthogen” at CannaFriends, you also offer other hemp-related workshops. to. How can you imagine that?

Friends of mine own a small shamanic center in Andalusia, where I enjoy working due to the somewhat more relaxed approach to grass in Spain. Of course, I can also be invited if someone wants to organize a private circle or come to us in Mallorca, where I will be spending the winter months.

I offer several workshops together with my wife.

The basis is always the learning of cannabidation and the use of breathing and trance techniques to go deeper into the body and awaken dormant areas in the brain. This training is the basis for all further seminars and training courses.

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Here is an overview about Rituals and Workshops from Helmut Christof:

Cannabis Tribal Rituals

Here you will learn how to lead cannabis circle rituals and build up a very high force field with simple means. A lot of healing can also happen, but the focus is on the Tribal Celebration and the community experience. Cannabis Tribal Rituals are a gigantic opportunity to connect the energy of many people via the personal endocannabinoid system and the earth’s endocannabinoid system. If the cannabis tribal rituals are celebrated simultaneously in different places, we create enormous morphogenetic fields for healing the planet.

Cannabis shaman/coach training

If you want to help people heal themselves mentally and physically with hemp or show them cannabidation, you will get the tools and knowledge to do so here. You will learn the basics of plant shamanism, build up your strength and immerse yourself in the world of medicine wheel knowledge and Kundalini teachings. Of course, you can use the training for your own development and gain a wealth of unusual experience. As the legalization of cannabis is steadily progressing, you can already prepare yourself for a new and exciting field of activity that has never existed before.

The online cannabidation training course

I have developed an online video course on cannabidation to reach many people at the same time. This idea is linked to the installation of a worldwide, regular cannabis healing meditation with which people network energetically and use the qualities of the hemp plant for earth healing work. I find that totally exciting and know from my personal experience and approaches that it works. You can find more information at

What would you like to leave the readers with at the end?

I am convinced that the hemp plant, with all its facets, can make a major contribution to healing our society. However, I believe that this requires special rituals, such as those practiced by indigenous peoples and in ancient times, in order to channel this energy.

And hey, these rituals are really fun, they’re more exciting than Facebook and Netflix. They connect us with ourselves, with people and with nature. They open channels into a shared expanded consciousness, heal and strengthen body and mind and show you the divine in yourself and in the cosmos.

So, who is interested in building a new spiritual cannabis culture and would like to delve deeper into the secrets of this legendary plant?

And don’t forget that you have the opportunity to delve even deeper into the subject matter by attending my exclusive workshop at our trade fair. Experience cannabis in a whole new, transformative way: TO THE WORKSHOP REGISTRATION

I look forward to seeing you and the CANNAFRIENDS 2024 cannabis trade fair!

Many thanks, dear Helmut, for your time, openness and your inspiring insights. We look forward to hearing more from you and seeing you live at our trade fair!

It is with great inspiration that we say goodbye to this fascinating interview with Helmut Christof, alias Sundragon. His insights and wisdom about the connection between cannabis, spirituality and holistic healing have made a lasting impression on us and open up new ways of understanding.